The Ultimate Selfie at Diner en Blanc Canberra

The weather forecast for Canberra all last week was for thunderstorms.  There had only been one all week.  Then came Saturday – same forecast – same ominous clouds. But would the lack of storms during the week indicate that we would be lucky?

The radar showed a storm cell sitting to the east of Canberra – and it stayed there all afternoon. So at 5 PM we opted to set-up the studio. At 5.30 the guests started to arrive and a number of them took to the studio.

Then the rain came and Diner en Blanc turned looked like turning into Diner on Bus as the guests took shelter in their transport.

We packed up the studio.

Then the party moved to the Canberra Centre.

We had dinner and looked at resetting the studio.  The media wall was still back by the lake somewhere so we found a suitable wall, set up again and went into action.

There was supposed to be an announcement to let people know that we were there – but we didn’t need it because a queue formed very quickly and the buzz soon got around.

Soon people were tagging themselves on the Diner en Blanc Canberra Facebook page as we uploaded on the fly.

Loved this hens' party at Dine en Blanc

Loved this hens’ party at Diner en Blanc…

...and this is their selfie.

…and this is their selfie.