Make your guests feel like a star with a red carpet experience

Imagine your guests arriving at your event and walking in on a red carpet to be greeted by a phalanx of photographers opposite your very own media wall. Then a reporter steps forward to enquire “who are you wearing tonight?”. The when they enter your event they see their red carpet photos up on screen.

The Ultimate Red Carpet Experience can provide all this and more – choose from a number of options…

  • Red carpet (or whatever colour takes your fancy) professionally laid so no one trips over it.
  • Brass bollards, lighting.
  • The media wall – we can provide some stock options or design and make your very own. You only pay for the fabric and printing as we have stock frames available.
  • Photographers – 2 to 20 professional photographers or a combination of pros and actors.
  • Professional interviewer (serious or comic) male, female or each. Selected to suit your occasion.
  • Video crew to work with the interviewer and to edit the content.