Make your guests feel like a star with a red carpet experience

Imagine your guests arriving at your event and walking in on a red carpet to be greeted by a phalanx of photographers opposite your very own media wall. Then a reporter steps forward to enquire “who are you wearing tonight?”. The when they enter your event they see their red carpet photos up on screen.

The team from The Red Carpet Experience will design, build and set up your welcome. You can choose a complete package or just select the items you require from us.

The hardware

Branded Media Wall – choose from a number of standard frame sizes then add a bespoke skin for your event. We use your design or our designers will create a design for you.

Bespoke Media Wall – no need to stick to the standard look, how about a hanging garden? Or choose from a range of creative options – like a wall of picture frames.

Bollards – supplied with red or black ropes

Red carpet – of course, just choose form our stock or if you want your own colour we can supply that too.

Lighting – the worst thing about most media walls is that they are not lit properly which results in really crap phone photos. We insist on lighting your wall properly so the guests will look great in all the social media posts.

The software

The Photographer – an experienced red carpet photographer will capture all the glamour of your guests’ arrivals.

Image gallery – we offer a complimentary online gallery for your guests to access their photos the next day.

Social Media Delivery – utilizing the Wi-Fi capabilities of our cameras we can deliver your images to social media on the fly.

Video coverage – can be edited and delivered for later use or fed directly to a nearby screen

The entertainment

Paparazzi – your guests are made to feel like celebrities as our paps clamour to get the bust shot

Interviewer – serious or as much fun as you like we have a number of experienced interviewers who will ask your guests all the right questions – all captured by our video crew for later use, edited for your guests to download from an online gallery or shown on nearby screens.

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